"The thinking man's rock n roll band"


It’s hard to imagine a more aptly named band than NYC’s Storytown. The brainchild of songwriter and guitarist Guy Story, the band’s debut album, Welcome to STORYTOWN, is a project some 30 years in the making. Backed by bassist Rick Wagner, keyboardist Charly Roth, and drummer Tony Cruz, the twelve tracks on Welcome to STORYTOWN bring to mind echoes of R.E.M., Talking Heads, Old 97s and Alejandro Escovedo, among various Southern Rock greats. Deeply embedded in these songs is an innate understanding of how great pop songs work—lyrics that match the emotional heft of the music, perfectly calibrated arrangements in which no sound, no instrumentation, goes to waste. Each song represents an individual journey, both musically and thematically. 

Nearly a year and a half after ditching his old life in favor of chasing a long-gestating dream, Guy Story is throwing himself into what it means to be a working musician. Having spent decades in service of developing technology that would allow people to communicate with each other faster and more efficiently through machines, Story is now eager to explore the kind of direct human connection that happens inside a song. He is the first to admit that a midlife career change is scary but also truly exhilarating.

Single I Thought We Had a Deal will be released in fall 2018

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