A Video, a Reminder, and an Album Update

This video, edited by my friend Patrick McNeive, is from our gig at the now-shuttered HiFi Bar.  I'm glad we were able to perform there.  After 23 years, Mike Stuto, who had managed the venue since its earlier days as Brownies, finally had to shut it down.  Mike was very generous and patient with us as, in the service of the video, we set up a bunch of lights and then took them down.  And Mike was nice enough to let my daughters come to the gig -- the only time they've seen the band.  Anyway, the performance isn't perfect, but i hope you get the message.


Reminder to SAVE THAT DATE:  I posted about this earlier, but our last appearance in 2017 will be this coming Thursday December 14, 1 set only 11pm-midnight, at The Way Station in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.  I know it's late, but we're last on the bill, so we won't have to rush off.  Come see us if you can.  It will be MUCH appreciated.  Our plan, as of this moment, is to play all the songs from our upcoming album.

Speaking of that album, of which I believe I have spoken of which....We are close to being done recording overdubs etc.  Keyboardist Charly Roth is still working from his apartment on a number of final parts.  Right now I am hoping we will start mixing before the holiday break, and with any luck we will be done by the end of January.  Slow but steady wins ... an excellent album, we hope.

In the meantime, here's a taste of what it's sounding like -- a rough mix of the end of Back To Loving:

Stay tuned, and thanks for listening.

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