Please help promote us on Spotify

OK y’all, this is an earnest plea to promote the song I Am More Than This on Spotify. We REALLY need your help. REALLY.

Here’s a link to the song, in case you haven’t heard it. If you don’t like it, you can quit reading this post :-).

What we’re asking you to do is the same as what we asked for the album, but this time to do it for this specific track — assuming you like it. So here goes, and again our apologies for the detailed request.

For those of you who have Spotify accounts, please do the following:

1. Go to the Welcome to Storytown page in the Spotify app on your smartphone or computer — NOT in a browser.

WTS Spotify 1 50pct.png

2. Click on the” in the app to the right of the title of the song I Am More Than This.

IAMTT Spotify dotdotdot 50pct.jpg

3. Choose Share, and share the song on as many social media accounts that you have and use — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

IAMTT Spotify sharemenu 50pct.png

PLEASE help us out by sharing this track. IF YOU LIKE IT. THANK YOU.

And, always as always, thanks for listening.

Guy Story