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One of the three girls thinks this track is too slow, undercutting the positive message.  I think the lyrics are a bit obscure.  I also think the track as a whole is probably overproduced.  And....the homage to the Beatles in the bridge is maybe just too much.  But, whatever.  What do you think?  Feel free to comment directly on this page, or if you prefer, send comments to

Here's an update on how things are going otherwise:

  • There's some more "churn" in the keyboard space.  More on this later.
  • An accomplished painter friend has agreed to paint a cover for our first EP/album.  He and I are going to trade some ideas over the next few weeks.  Maybe I'll share some of that exchange, in the spirit of including y'all in the "sausage making".
  • Another friend, a very talented illustrator, has agreed to draw portraits of the band members.  I would use these on both the website and the EP/album.
  • There's a possibility of a first gig in April, in NYC.  More about that as it develops.

Thanks everybody.

Guy Story