New Video: Broken Promise Land

I had the idea for this video over a year ago, as we were finishing up our debut album Welcome to Storytown. The brilliant Dana Schechter did the animation and editing. (Dana also animated the video for our song I Thought We Had a Deal.) Justin Warsh brought his green screen expertise to the project and did the filming.

This project was a stretch for me, that’s for sure. Maybe in a subsequent post I’ll talk about how remarkable it is to live in New York City, where there actors of every stripe are willing to traipse off to “East Williamsburg” to sit nearly motionless and lip sync to a song of mine.

But for now I’ll just share the video. I’m very proud of it, and I think it speaks for itself:

I want to call out Fawzia Afzal-Khan’s great performance in the video — not to mention her wonderful improvised vocal on the recorded track. And here are all the other folks who appear in the video:

Abeni Mason-Draffen, April Williams, Colin Bye, Fran Kravitz, Haruka Hirasawa, Henry Chen, Jolene Lower, LaVeda Davis, Lawrence Ward, Linda Simon, Madhav Namjoshi, Mao Hanada, Mariesa Genzale, Michelle Goguen, Mino Jones, Nova Onai, Oscar Pavlo, Rob Ordonez, ReW STaRR, Renee Banks, Rosie Kilby, Runal Patel, Sean Cohane, Seven Overton, Shevonne Monique, Stephen Keyes, Todd Thomas, V B Rao, and Vincent Giovanniello

In our next posting I’ll give more details about our next Stories from Storytown event. In the meantime, thanks for listening.

Storytown band photo crop 1.jpg

Guy Story